Our History

In 1984, Rigsby Frederick created the salon that bears his name as an outlet for creative expression—a truly unique environment where his guests’ personal style would flourish. Today, Rigsby Frederick Salon & Gallery is recognized as one of the world’s top salons, delivering superior services with only the highest-caliber products, and striving to make sure every guest is completely satisfied.

Quality is the foundation of our tradition. And we earned our reputation over 30 years of not only serving our customers, but also upholding a strong commitment to mentor talent in all aspects of design. Rigsby Frederick stylists learn continuously, undergoing education, ateliers and evaluations before being promoted to the next level. Our guests may choose from several different levels of stylists, based on their years of experience in the industry, their level of advanced education and their time with our salon.

We offer valued internships and apprenticeships to further the quality of regional stylist education. The salon is also home to one-of-a-kind art created by Rigsby, an internationally respected sculptor and furniture craftsman. The gallery adds an organic ambience to every customer experience—and his personal works, along with other respected artists, are available for purchase to enhance your own living or working space.